Online Security

What is the importance of security?

Momentum has invested significant resources to ensure that all transactions that take place over the Internet are secure. This security is achieved by using firewalls and encryption technology. We continually review our infrastructure to ensure that it is up to date to meet our stringent security requirements and to provide you with complete peace of mind.

How secure is the site?

No person can access your account unless they have your Webname, User Id and Pin number. It is therefore critical that you keep these strictly confidential. Please remember that you can change them at any time. Your User Id and Pin number must be numeric and the webname must be alphabetic. The User Id and Pin number cannot be the same.
We use the most advanced 128-bit encryption technology, which allows information to be transmitted between you Momentum, while preventing any third party from interpreting the encrypted information.
All data is protected by firewalls that act as barriers between our internal network and all external networks.

Are there additional security measures in place?

Yes. If you have logged on to Momentum's Online Services and have not transacted on the system for more than 10 minutes, the system will automatically shut you out and you will have to log on again. Please remember not to leave your computer unattended when you are logged on to Momentum's Online Services as security might be compromised.

What is encryption?

Encryption is a way of converting a meaningful message between two computers into a message that cannot be interpreted, understood or viewed by anyone other than the intended recipient. We use this technology to ensure that all messages between you and Momentum remain confidential.
We have implemented encryption by using industry standard "site certificates". When using our online services, please look for the closed lock at the bottom of your screen to verify that the communication is secured.
To enable encryption between yourself and Momentum, use one of our supported browsers (See software requirements below).

What if I forget my Pin number?

Please contact us and we will assist you to create a new Pin.

What happens if I enter the wrong Pin number?

If you enter the incorrect Pin number three times, you will be denied access to the system and your profile will be de-activated. This is done to protect you. Please then contact the Momentum's Client Contact Centre and a consultant will assist you with creating a new Pin number.

Can I change my Pin number?

Yes. Please go to the applicable menu option and make the necessary change. Please note that your Pin number has to be a 5-digit number.

Can I change my Userid?

No, this is a system-generated number.

Can I change my Webname?

No, you are requested to select a webname but you cannot change the webname after the initial choice.

What if I forget my Userid?

Please contact Momentum's Client Contact Centre and a consultant will provide you with your User Id.

What are the minimum technical requirements for using Momentum's Online Services?

Hardware requirements

Software requirements

FundsAtWork Logon
To ensure that you are connected to a secure Momentum site, please verify that the lock at the bottom of the screen is displayed and that the address is displayed in the "Address" field of the browser at the top of the screen.

Site certificates

If you wish to check the site certificate, this can be done by: