Retirement benefits

There are three options under the FundsAtWork umbrella funds; Provider and Entrepreneur.
The employer decides on the default option or options. Thereafter the members have the ability to move to the option that suits them best.

FundsAtWork has selected a range of investment portfolios that match the investment requirements of each option.

The Provider option

Is also a basic and cost effective option. It is appropriate for members who are less financially astute but want to invest either in a portfolio that provides a guarantee or a portfolio that is managed on life stage principles.

The Entrepreneur option

Is appropriate for members who are highly financially astute and require the ability to structure specific and unique investment profiles using a selection of unit trusts and Momentum portfolios.

The investment portfolios available for each option are shown below:

Web Applications

FundsAtWork offers web applications that allow members, employers and financial advisers access to information and the ability to transact electronically